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Whether you are searching to buy flats for sale in Boscombe or looking to sell your flat, MK Estates is the company to choose. Flats in coastal areas are always in demand, thanks to buyers looking for a low-maintenance retirement property or one to rent out as a holiday let.

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Boscombe is a 5 minute drive from Bournemouth Town Centre and has a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. You will have a beautiful beach on your doorstep which will make all of your family and friends jealous. With a great range of amenities and shops, Boscombe is a wonderful place to call home.

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Flats for sale in Boscombe – Choose the right company

With many Boscombe flats for sale, anyone wanting to sell their own flat has a lot of competition. When you put your flat up for sale, you will want to make sure that your property stands out and attracts a buyer.

The first step is to choose an experienced company to market your property. Look for an independent local company like MK Estates as we have a strong knowledge of the local area and market. We have a distinct advantage over national companies that have branches all over the country, as we have in-depth knowledge about the local housing market. Our team are also committed to providing great customer service to local buyers.

Marketing your property at an unrealistically high price will mean that other flats sell while yours languishes on the market. After all, you want to find a buyer and sell your flat! Buyers will only pay what they think a flat is worth, which may not be what you’d like to get for it.

Who is your market?

Next, you should consider who are likely buyers for your flat. Will it appeal to investors looking for a holiday rental, first-time buyers or retired people? Just as with any other town, people looking at Boscombe flats for sale are generally looking for a flat that they can either move straight into or that leads little doing to it. Arrange the flat so that people can see its potential and how it could work for them. If your likely market is for holiday lets, show how the flat can be configured for guests.

Staging your flat in Boscombe

If your flat is a “fixer-upper”, don’t spend a lot of money on decorating or refurbishing; buyers will probably prefer to change the décor to their own taste, and if you spend a lot on a new bathroom or kitchen you probably won’t get your money back on the sale. It’s better to price your flat realistically to allow for any works that need doing. However, if all your flat needs is sprucing up, it can be worth putting in basic carpets and painting the walls in neutral tones that will appeal to most buyers and make it among the most attractive Boscombe flats for sale.

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