Buying and investing locally

 can not only INCREASE the value of your property but also IMPROVE the local community.


Here at MK Estates we are big fans of local independent businesses. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and courage to take the plunge of starting up a business. The MK girls (and Mark) have chosen their favorite local independents and given you their own detailed review.

As we all know, Bournemouth was once pictured as an ‘old persons town’ – but now we stand in 2014 and we are a leading the way with a vibrant, buzzing town full of successful independent companies.


A  marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.


Gone are the days and the desire for the large chains of restaurants, large corporate companies and service like you are at the supermarket swiping food on a conveyor belt. We are all becoming more knowledgeable and aware of our local surroundings and what our local community can offer us and how enjoyable it can be.


Why would you go back to a chain/ corporate that stereotypes its customers on a national scale and what IT THINKS they want?


A multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices.


Independents also have incredible impacts on the local property market…

In fact, new research from American Express (noted in the Independent newspaper) suggests that local high streets which have thriving small, independent businesses added an average of £40,000 onto nearby house prices over the last 10 years. The rise in property values in these areas was 17% higher than the growth in comparable areas with proportionally fewer independent traders.

Building extensions, new kitchens and bathrooms are not the only ways to add value to your house. By shopping locally and supporting local traders, you are investing in your home as well as your high street. The research also reveals that people who live near areas with a strong mix of independent retailers have a greater sense of ‘community’ and their local high streets are places where they spend more time socializing, as well as making purchases.


Why would you not want to enjoy the pleasures of a real personal service rather than talking to a robot?


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Karma- Winton.



We were greeted by the delightful Suzie at the beautiful bamboo bar at the entrance of this concept spa, she walked us over this Thai inspired bridge into this atmospheric relaxation area. Its very hard to describe the experience in words, but you almost feel like you are in the middle of the night under the stars in Thailand and it is oh so peaceful. Beautiful ornates everywhere, waterfalls…. Suzie has really thought of ALL the details! We went into a room to get changed and then sat in the relaxation area for 20 minutes or so in robes with our feet soaking with fresh flower petals and drinking bubbly infused with pomegranate. After a lovely chat with Suzie, we made our way over to the Jacuzzi to relax before our treatments. At that point I wondered why I have not been here before. I have not experienced this treatment in any previous spa.

Suzie is a prime example in the community of a hard-working, passionate business woman that has tailored her new company to the needs and demands in Bournemouth.

All in all, I was blown away by this experience… I would highly recommend Karma … it would be an ideal spot for birthdays and affordable luxury spa experiences!

The Little Tanning Shop – Charminster.



They say all great things come in little packages and our experience of The Little Tanning Shop has certainly been fantastic. Packed with all your beauty needs, this shop caters for both men and women, from vibrastations, sunbeds , spray tanning , teeth whitening… It has it all. Owner Nikki Andrews has put in incredible hard work and succeeded in providing a vintage, boutique salon with a personal touch for her clients. Tanning is always promoted safely and Nikki runs a fantastic Facebook page and website with daily updates, facts, deals… certainly one to follow!

What is most impressive about the business, as with other independents…? Nikki is passionate, she puts in the time, effort and you can really feel it from the product she produces. As a client you will be looked after and she knows you/us all by first name. Even having time for our life stories.


NU-VO Hair and Beauty, Springbourne.


9a82ea_818e6234303718361d3d648bbd1d8bc8_png_srz_215_95_75_22_0_50_1_20_0This young but already well-established company, NU-VO were born out of a passion for hair & beauty and a desire to simply deliver a service, environment and overall experience that would be fresh, young and different but whilst holding onto traditional values.

The MK Estates team plus a large number of friends and family are now a part of the growing client base that Richard Norton & Co have created in their first 2 years since opening. With their excellent and qualified team whilst offering outstanding customer service, it would be hard to recommend anywhere else in Bournemouth.

From their warm welcome to next to perfect results, NU-VO is the ideal place to go for a gentlemen’s haircut to a luxury wedding party.

Salsa / La Luna / Nippon Inn – Charminster.


Charminster is a hub of local independent restaurants from people that have come from around the world to start a new life.  The drive and opportunity offered here has made Charminster a successful, vibrant mix of University students/ international students and locals of all age groups.

The above named are just a few of the local restaurants on offer and you can find anything from traditional pub food, Lebanese or Japanese food at extremely reasonable prices!