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MK Estates are delighted to be taking part in the dragon boat racing on Sunday as part of the Pink Champagne Dragon boat team event happening at Hengistbury Head outdoor centre.

We have 20 strong team taking part in the event to raise money and awareness for this great local cause supporting survivors of breast cancer throughout their recovery and beyond with a supportive network of friendly ladies. We are so pleased to be able to take part, as not only is it a great family day, this charity is truly unique in its offering to our local community.

A bit about Pink Champagne Dragon boat team…

Pink Champagne Breast Cancer Survivors’ Dragon Boat Team was established in 2008 by a group of breast cancer patients, in collaboration with the breast cancer team at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and a team of exercise therapists. Based in Dorset they are now one of 195 teams worldwide, hoping to inspire and encourage other breast cancer survivors.

The Team came about after a Canadian sports medical specialist, Dr Don McKenzie conducted a research project to explore the benefits of regular, repetitive, strenuous exercise following breast cancer surgery. His research centred on enhancing lymph flow to increase the effectiveness of the immune system and insisted the project should be in a pleasing and socially supportive environment. McKenzie started a Dragon Boat team which the participants named “Abreast in a Boat”! The participants all showed better mental and physical health and loved the camaraderie and support of fellow paddlers. They realised it was a means to raise awareness of breast cancer and the ability of survivors to lead normal lives so invited other survivors to share the experience and they went on to compete in races. The movement now has teams in USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, Poland as well as several in the UK. We are proud to be part of the International Breast Cancer Paddlers’ Commission (IBCPC) competing with the best at international events.

We are proud of our local area, those who live in it and great supportive charities like this one. If you are in the area on Sunday and want to pop down to pass on your support, racing starts at 9am and through to 4.30pm, with the winning team being announced shortly after. Hengistbury Head outdoor centre is located just past the turning circle for the land train and the hiker café, parking is available in the main carpark, and there will stalls for the raffles and cakes and well as other sweet treats.

All support and donations to this charity go towards maintaining the equipment they need to keep the teams on the water including the boats and life jackets as well as all the work they do to promote the diagnosis and treatment support options available, celebrate life and maintaining that positive outlook.

For more information you can visit their website,

So now to keep our fingers crossed for some sunnier skies on the day….